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Commercial Services



Outmatch is often involved with clients in the conceptual stage of the project to determine the project’s viability. Our decades of experience enables us to provide accurate and detailed early evaluation of cost, schedule and constructability constraints.


Conceptual cost estimates to determine whether the project is financially viable.

Constructibility reviews
to identify challenges and ensure that the project can be constructed efficiently.

Building and site analysis to discover prohibitive site conditions.

Schedule information to provide early timing parameters.



Once the project moves beyond feasibility, our pre-construction team partners with our clients and the design team to develop a comprehensive and integrated program that incorporates the goals for cost, constructibility, schedule and an efficiently operating facility.

One key to success is to incorporate the evaluation of cost, constructibility, and maintenance into the process before Design Development proceeds. By taking this approach, it eliminates the need to ‘value engineer’ the project after the design is underway, avoiding the need for costly redesign.


Cost estimating and budget control, during critical early design phases, provides the tools needed to design to a budget.

Constructibility review during design assures that the design selections also meet the needs for an easily constructed building.

Scheduling is monitored throughout this crucial phase to ensure that project milestones are maintained.



The success of Collaborative Project Delivery is dependent on a teamwork approach being embraced by everyone. This process includes the owner, designer, end-user, contractor, subcontractors and property manager to establish goals and a vision for the project, before design begins. Our company’s core philosophy fits well with this model.

LEAN: Implementing Lean design and construction practices provides focus on ways to reduce waste, increase efficiency and generate project value. By using a Lean approach, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the construction process and generate the most effective end result.

TARGET VALUE DESIGN: Taking the project’s goals and vision into account, the design is directed to achieve this targeted end result. The criteria studied to achieve the goals and vision include cost, durability, long-term maintenance, sustainability and constructibility.

PULL-PLANNING: By working from the completion date backward, we define and sequence tasks to accomplish that goal. Pull-planning often highlights the need for early order of long-lead items, just in time delivery, and improved leveling of resources.

Outmatch commits to your project’s success right from the start. Our collaborative process engages all stakeholders in defining project goals and identifying challenges before they become problems.


Remodeling sometimes is the best investment for a business, it gives the business a new look, it attracts new customers and keeps them satisfied because we live in a world where appearance is what attracts people or pushes them away. Our goal is to help your business stay looking fresh and keep new people coming through the doors.